Erotic Art


TLMars' FemDom Art

Hello! How are you? Iím Candice of course! And you will be fantastic once you get done strolling through the Domination of TLMars! Thatís right! I said, Total Domination! Lovely ring, yes?! You bet it is! Here, take my hand and weíll stroll through this sensual site together.

The beauty that lies within is not just skin deep, everything tells a story and the story shows you that a female can be in charge! Thatís right, I said it! Female in charge! Wow right? I know! Every piece of artwork draws from you that tummy tingling need of erotic fantasy and wanton desire. You can see the luxury of desire and complete mastering of the males to the females and you can practically taste the crack of that crop!

Oh my! Hold me tighter! I think I might have to change my panties soon! What do you mean Iím not wearing any? Oh! I see your point! Well, figuratively speaking of course! Keep delving deeper within each clash of the artistís eye popping display; donít forget to bring a napkin! Youíll need it to wipe that smile off your face when you finally drag yourself from each delicious picture after each delicious picture! See! I told you, you wouldnít be disappointed didnít I? Of course!


It's All Coming Together!

You want to see this artist's work. We have something even better for you! A bunch of artists have got together to form Three Moons Art. So now you can see this artist plus dozens of others, all in one place and for one small single payment!

That's right! You get this artist's Members Gallery plus thousands more pieces of erotic art for a single subscription price of $24.95!

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